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A Dream Come True

This makes a great title of the story of the creator and designer of PRIMROSE 2 – Peter Gagov.

Let’s start from the middle. Air airport – hotel – office – airport. Over and over. Five times a week. This was his life until a few years ago – a series of business trips abroad, featuring numerous flights in all directions, boring uniform hotels and offices. And one day, while waiting for his next flight at an European airport and longing to go home and just pull his blanket over his head, it hit him: people feel fully themselves when they come home and snuggle in bed. There they can relax, dream and remember who they are and what their heart really longs for.

This insight inspired Peter for a new, totally different flight – that of imagination. He went back to his long-held dreams – to paint and create – left the corporate business world and indulged in what his heart whispered.

This is how the PRIMROSE 2 color dream sleeping sets are born. Their designs are inspired by the diversity of life, of shared stories and joy. Each drawing carries its own positive vibration and makes the place where you rest, sleep and dream, colorful, beautiful and cozy. Like life itself.


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